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Our Product:

Software For Hardware is a Windows-based multi-user application that was designed specifically for the commercial door/frame and hardware distributor. It handles contract jobs as well as “over the counter” sales using the power of a relational database to make data input as easy as “point-and-click”. Software For Hardware will allow you to begin a job at the take-off stage all the way through to the creation of picking tickets, purchase orders, and packing slips. In a multi-user environment the actual Software For Hardware program is loaded on each workstation and the databases are loaded on your server. Software for Hardware can also be installed on a Terminal Server to allow remote access. We now offer a new “state of the art” door & frame elevation designer that allows you to quickly draw door and frame elevations and price the elevations drawn. For your accounting needs, Software for Hardware is fully integrated with these accounting systems:


· Peachtree Complete Accounting for Windows®

· Quickbooks


·        Most data entry done through customizable drop-down windows – just point and click.

·        Builds an inventory and non-stock database for door/frame accessories, doors, frames, frame components, frame sticks, hardware items, Division 10 items, and Prep Codes.

·        Contains the complete price books with cutsheets for 53 hardware manufacturers and 6 hollow metal price books.  The user can easily add any additional entries that might be needed.

·        Ability to create a database of customers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

·        Creates hardware specifications, hardware schedules, keying schedules, and door/frame schedules (includes elevation drawings and in the case of frames, the anchors and profiles associated with the frame).  Preamble and Note pages may be associated to each schedule.

·        Creates detailed price estimate reports that show the cost of manufacturer preps and “our shop” preps needed for each door or frame.

·        Creates a job submittal (bid) sheet that can be printed as itemized or lump sum priced.

·        Supports complete inventory control via on-hand qty and committed qty for each product in the inventory master databases.

·        Provides the capability to create picking tickets for pulling material from stock, purchase orders to buy material directly from a manufacturer or from a wholesaler, and packing slips for material being shipped.  Adhesive labels can be printed for each contract job showing opening number, handing and complete description of the hardware item.

·        Creates a door fabrication report and frame fabrication report which groups all like doors or frames together and lists all preps needed for each.  This report essentially does the complete job coordination because it takes into account all hardware sets and needed preps by the manufacturer or your shop.

·        Provides a “combo” feature to allow you to combine stock, job or Sales Order Purchase Orders all on one PO.  Also supports back ordered Purchase Orders.

·        Creates sales proposal for “non-contract” jobs that can be instantly converted to a sales order with the click of a button.  The proposal or order can show prep codes, accessories, and tag numbers for each line item.  Printing can be done in itemized or lump sum fashion.

·        Creates a job profitability report as well as a salesperson profitability report.

·        Provides a feature to easily bid installation of doors, frames and hardware.  Creates door, frame and hardware installation reports for use as an installer work order. Completed reports provide information to manage and track on-site installer progress.

·        Supports a change order feature to handle and track changes made to a contract job.

·        Supports a stock purchase order feature for inventory replenishment.

·        Supports an archive feature for jobs and sales orders that are “old”.  Archived jobs and sales orders can instantly be viewed, printed or completely restored.

·        RFI’s, Transmittals or correspondence can be created and tracked in each contract job.

·     Job site information includes phone numbers, special delivery instructions and directions.


PC Requirements:

Software for Hardware: The minimum hardware requirements for the workstation include a Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista or Windows7 operating system, at least one gig of RAM, 350 Meg of free hard disk space and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The server can use Windows 2003/2008 Server or Microsoft Small Business Server. Disk space requirements on the server will vary based on the amount of data that your company needs to store. One gigabyte of storage space should be sufficient.

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